Appeal Visa Decision UK

Appeal Visa Decision UK

Appeal Visa Decision UK: The UK visa denial appeal process can be a complicated process. UK immigration consultants’ lawyers are dedicated, highly experienced, and able to help you overcome the difficulties of this appeals process. We take great pride in taking the time to get to know our customers and fully understand their issues so that we can provide the best possible immigration solutions.

Many clients who come to us regarding immigration appeals have spent months, sometimes years, fighting a UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) decision. We not only provide them with the necessary expert advice and representation, we also give our clients the confidence that they have a good chance of getting a positive result on their appeal.

Under English law, people who have had a negative decision by a court/government department that affects their lives (such as whether they can enter or leave the UK), generally have the right to appeal. This is fundamental to the rule of law, and we believe it is essential that migrants have full access to justice in order to be able to exercise their appeal rights.

Unfortunately, the British government has severely curtailed appeal rights for immigrants applying for entry clearance or stay – mainly those applying under the points-based immigration system – and replaced it with administrative review rights have given.  The rights of appeal under the points-based system have been removed, except in situations where it is alleged that the refusal violates the applicant’s human rights. Therefore, instructing an experienced attorney who is familiar with immigration law is important at the visa application stage and when considering an appeal.

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