Intra Company Transfer Visa UK

Intra Company Transfer Visa UK

UK Immigration Consultants helps in Intra Company Transfer Visa UK. We offer ICT Visa UK services to the companies to transfer their employees to the United Kingdom.

Intra company transfer visa UK is the visa process that helps the employees who are working in one company to work in another company.

Are you working for a UK firm and want to move to the UK for a temporary assignment? Here’s how to get your Intra Company Transfer Visa. UK Immigration Consultants will help you with every aspect of your application.
The Intra-Company Transfer Worker Visa is designed for workers who are overseas and temporarily transfer to a UK branch of the organization, or a related entity.

 There are two types of Intra-Company Transfer Worker visas:

• Intra-company relocation for established employees of multinational companies who are being relocated to the UK.
• Intra-Company Graduate Trainee: for workers taking part in a structured graduate training program.

Intra-Company Transfer Worker visa Main requirements :

• They have a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from an organization based in the UK that holds a sponsor license.
• the role represents a genuine vacancy.
• They have the good skills and experience for the role.
• The role is at the relevant skill level (typically NQF level 6 or above) and will be paid an appropriate salary for the role.
• They have sufficient funds to maintain themselves.
• They have a TB certificate if required.

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