Religious Worker Visa UK

Religious Worker Visa UK:

Religious Worker Visa UK is for people coming to the UK to work temporarily as religious workers. This includes preaching, working as a pastor, or working in a monastery or convent. To apply under this category, you must have a valid Tier 5 certificate of sponsorship from a licenced Tier 5 sponsoring religious organisation.

People who meet the following requirements for a Tier 5 Visa can apply:

• Live outside the European Economic Area .
• Willingness to do religious work, such as working for a religious order or preaching in one.
• have obtained a sponsorship certificate or sponsorship certificate reference number from a licenced sponsor in the UK
• and that the work they will perform is related to the sponsor’s scope of work.
• Keep £945 in their bank account for ninety days, until the A-rated sponsor verifies that the applicant will not claim any
• benefits and that they are responsible for their accommodation.

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