Skilled Work Visa UK

Skilled Work Visa UK:

Skilled Worker Visa UK for those individual professionals who want to come to the UK and do their eligible job with their approved employer. The eligible job could be anything from an architect to a doctor to a teacher to a lawyer, and so on.

The employer must have an intention to make a lead or key role in the business. The visa lets you come to the UK to do the job you are trained for, and live and work in the UK as a Skilled Migrant. You can apply if you are: an employee of a company that has an intention to make a lead or key role in the business; or have your own company, and your job is eligible.

The applicant must have a university degree, be high-skilled, have a job offer, be approved by UKVI. You can apply if you have a degree and relevant experience, have a job offer and have been offered a tier 1 (Intra-Company Transfer) visa by your employer. There are also extra requirements if you are applying as a skilled worker, such as having a long-term job offer, and more job offer details will be on the visa requirements page.

The worker will be able to apply to live and work in the UK on this visa under the same terms as British citizens and holders of British citizenship and British overseas citizens, and will not have to live separately from their employer. This visa is aimed at those who meet the ‘skills shortage list’ criteria, which include high-demand occupations.


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